Understanding Hair Loss and Getting In Shape

This site is about understanding hair loss and what you need to do to prevent/treat it as well as understanding the how to live a healthier life whether it pertains to eating better or exercising more. Some people may claim that they know what they need to do in order to stay healthy but the reality is they are pretty far off from what it really takes. You might be asking what hair loss has to do with weight loss, right? Well, to put it simple, nothing.

You see, both are issues that affect us today and while they may not be related to each other ( tho poor nutrition can contribute to hair loss) it’s still beneficial to become as knowledgeable as possible on these issues so we can have a much better understanding. Hair loss and weight gain, the dynamic duo of destroying ones self esteem. The most common contributor to both of these has to do with mainly two factors. Genetics to a certain extent, and poor eating habits.

Genetically hair loss is a factor and tho some people want to blame genetics on weight gain, I beg to differ on that statement. The only tie that I see with family and weight gain is simply passing down poor eating habits to our children. If parents have crappy eating habits and eat junk food all day and drink tons of soda then that’s what their children are going to mostly eat and they will soon develop the same health issues that they have. It’s not because it’s in their genes, it’s because they were never taught to eat the right foods because the people responsible for feeding them always feed them junk food. You will find some articles on here about green juices and workout programs that will help you get in shape as well as hair loss medications that might work for you.